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Oxford Regional Prospective Study (ORPS) and UK Nephropathy Family Study (NFS)

The Genetics of Diabetic Nephropathy

The risk of serious diabetic complications has been much reduced by recent improvements in achieving good control of blood glucose in children with diabetes. However, a few children will still develop problems with their kidneys and eyes when they become adults. As well as being related to blood glucose levels, the risk of complications may be partly inherited. Some of the genes may determine the risk of developing complications.

Small leaks of protein in the urine of children and adolescents with diabetes (microalbuminuria) may be the first marker of the later risk for complications. We plan to investigate the relationship between protein in the urine of children with diabetes and blood pressure, blood fats and urinary protein excretion in their parents. We will also study the genes in the parents and the children to see if they explain these relationships.

The study has recruited 1,000 children who are being followed up for four years to see how they progress.

The study is being funded by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Wellcome Trust.

Coordinated by the University of Cambridge Department of Paediatrics, the study recruited families in the following areas:

As well as the team in Cambridge, we now have eight full time Research Nurses working in the clinics.

Recruitment update

Recruitment of the 1,000 families began in June 2001 and was completed by June 2003. The volunteers in the study are now being followed up by the Research Nurses who are collecting regular urine and blood samples and carrying out ambulatory blood pressure measurements.

Although the study will not end until 2005, we have already collected a huge amount of valuable data on these families and work has already started on the analysis of the results. However, it is vital that all those participating continue to send us their samples and we would like to give a big thank you to all those who have helped.

Further information

If you would like further information about the project, you can download example information sheets - these all contain gaps for local clinic, consultant details:

We also have example consent forms available:


If you have any queries, please contact:

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